Ancient Nutrition

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Taking Plant-Based To A Whole New Level

Ancient Nutrition co-founders, Jordan Rubin and Dr. Josh Axe, haven’t just been merely interested in CBD hemp, they’ve been “putting their shoulders to the plow” to make it more accessible to the public and provide education about this ancient plant.

You Should Never Have to Settle

If you’re already eating organic and making the best choices when it comes to what you put in your body, you should be just as meticulous when it comes to CBD. Here are three non-negotiable factors we adhered to for our CBD hemp products; Clear Potency, Certified Organic, Purity & Testing.

Organic CBD Hemp Powder Blends

Introducing fermented CBD powders for those who want USDA Certified Organic CBD hemp plus additional superfood ingredients in an easy and delicious way. Available in two formulas: Multi Collagen Ultra and Organic CBD hemp powder.