CBD Frequently Asked Questions

  • IS IT MARIJUANA?  No. CBD oil is derived from agricultural hemp, which is too low in THC to be considered marijuana. Even though both agricultural hemp and marijuana are derived from the same plant, they are used for completely different goals.
  • WILL I GET HIGH?  No, CBD won’t produce a high or any kind of adverse psychoactive effects. In fact, its THC content is lower than 0.3 percent. For perspective, marijuana strains sold in dispensaries start with THC content in the single digits.
  • WILL I FAIL A DRUG TEST?  Maybe. Shoppers who are concerned about this should probably choose a different supplement and steer clear of any hemp product that may give a false positive.
  • WHAT DOSE SHOULD I TAKE? Unfortunately, there isn’t enough data to support a clear answer to this question. But because there are so many deliveries (liquids, capsules, balms and more) and even more dosages available, shoppers can start with the lowest dose and increase if needed.

How Do I Know Which Products To Buy?

Consider the following from the manufacturer or brand:

  • What is the the Quality and Efficacy (are there sans chemical additives, or is it solvent-free, and is it third-party tested)?
  • Does the product have a vertically integrated supply chain, demonstrating quality from farm to shelf?
  • Brand longevity- how long has the manufacturer/brand been in business and what is their track record?
  • Is the brand providing the representative availability for customer support and trainings?
  • Considerations of the Legality and DSHEA compliance.