Fountain of Health

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OUR MISSION- Fountain of Health CBD provides the maximum health benefits by providing you the best hemp oil made.


Fountain of Health was formed by two Colorado families; one with a background in the biofuel industry and the other from farming.  The Trad family relocated to Colorado from Florida after 20 years of farming, seeking a new challenge and a better place to raise their children.  Their friends were operating a Biofuel company when oil prices plunged.  They decided to use their chemistry skills in the green revolution and began extracting hemp.  Over their daughters’ basketball games, they met and started working together to grow the hemp and extract it.  Meanwhile, back in Florida, many of Lauren’s friends were purchasing hemp oil from the market leader and were enjoying the benefits.  One friend in particular encouraged Lauren to start selling the oil directly to her group of peers and thus Fountain of Health was born…


Our CBD Oil is as simply processed as possible without any residual solvents.  We start with the highest quality proprietary genetics. Cannabis sativa, with extremely low THC levels (<.3%) but exceptionally high levels of active cannabinoids, are the plant of choice.  We grow these beautiful ladies in sunny Colorado. They are tended and cared for by Chris and his small team of plant dorks.  No pesticides or fungicides are utilized, ever. We work with soaps, oils and plant extracts to make our plants “not so tasty” to the mean bugs. It’s pretty simple really. After we harvest the ladies we hang them in the barn to dry and then we shuck the flowers down into a pulverized dust. Then it’s off to gently gather all cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. A bit of blending with coconut oil, and sometimes flavoring, and into the bottle it goes.  The final step is shipping this beautiful oil to our customers!

Labs- Our oil is rigorously tested by an independent laboratory for residual solvents, pesticide residue, microbiological contaminants, and potency.

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