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Natural Hemp Oil: Nature’s Adaptogen

Restorative Botanicals’ extracted whole plant hemp oil supplements contain naturally occurring nutrients from Certified Colorado Hemp. Our great-tasting blends help balance and regulate the body’s interconnected physiological systems resulting in a variety of related benefits.

Organically Grown Colorado Hemp

Our hemp oil is extracted only from organically grown & registered Colorado hemp crops. These plants are naturally farmed without the use of herbicides or pesticides. We also value third-party laboratory authentication to ensure optimum product quality and purity.

Highly Functional Blended Ingredients

In addition to our high-quality hemp extract, each of our products are thoughtfully formulated with additional highly effective ingredients. Our premium quality carrier oils, extracts, and essential oils all combine to produce a variety of unique functional blends.

Non-Psychoactive Hemp Blend

Known to support pain management, stress, and anxiety relief; our whole plant hemp extract products offer fast and functional support.  Enjoy all these well-balanced benefits, while also allowing for mental clarity and normal cognitive function.*

Whole Plant CO2 Extraction Process

Our hemp extract is produced using a low temperature CO2 extraction process (free of harmful solvents), to yield a natural hemp oil extract that retains its full array of beneficial compounds. This clean extraction process fully optimizes the plants naturally-occurring terpenes, flavonoids, antioxidants, and multiple phytonutrients.